Monday, May 22, 2017

Walls up!

tiling the floor next!

We plan on getting wood patterned flooring designed in a herring bone pattern. I'm excited to see this finally coming together! A lot of the work happened behind the walls but once the boards went up, it started to look like a bathroom. I didn't take a picture of the vapor barrier installation but all of that stuff is done too.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bathroom remodel!

Remodeling a bathroom can be fun but also a nightmare. My home isn't the newest on the block but that was the charm that drew us to it. I knew I was going to do a lot of work and make it something we like. I'm in the process of remodeling the bathroom and it's been a lot of work (especially since I'm doing it alone) but it's fun to see it coming together. I'm at the stage where I need to lay down the cement board, add a few studs for shelves/ towel bars and insulate the ceiling. The plumbing and electric is pretty much complete (except for a small change).

The old bathroom...quite dated and not our style.

Hated this mirror...

Seashell sink that had to go! we are getting somewhere. So the framing is insane and unfortunately due to structures on the opposite wall, I had to attach new studs to old. I noticed a free floating stud that looks new in the center of the pic (I didn't add this..) The tub is cast iron so that was a chore to get out by myself.

New plumbing is in and support placed for the pedestal sink. Below the bucket is a hole from the original toilet location! It was hidden under that seashell sink... I had to reroute the drain and water lines.

Ahh.. much better. I smashed the tub and repaired the subfloor.

New single valve shower body installed.

temp lighting until I was able to install the ceiling lights.

Much needed electric upgrade. I ran a new line for the vanity light, installed a new exhaust fan/ ductwork and added 4 can lights.

Removed the old insulation and replaced it. I'm still finishing up insulating since the electric is complete.

New lights in and just need to get in the attic to attach the exhaust duct. I ran out of romex and will be replacing the straight cable in the first bay to the left. I used a scrap piece since I needed light at that time. I need to leave some slack but ran out of time to pick some up. My brother would laugh at me if he saw that I did this since we just spoke about leaving slack (which I normally do) I doubt he reads this but I was wrapping up for the day and taking a trip to home depot was not something I wanted to do. I'll correct this during the week. Next step, order the tub, close the walls and tile. Stay tuned!

**Update, fixed the electric and insulated.

I decided to add 2x4's right above that box on the floor. That is just in case we decide to put shower doors and will have the support needed on each side for it. Cement board is down, all plumbing, electric and structural support is complete and waiting on the tub!

Lastly, since the walls are open, I like to make sure I have support for the towel bar, toilet paper holder and any shelves we will put up. Although it looks like Frankenstein in there, it will provide great backing for anything we need. The last thing you want is to have to use plugs to hold those things up and rely on sheetrock to hold it. If the walls are open, spend the time adding the support.

In two weeks we will have the tub and business will continue as usual. Everything must now wait until it arrives. We decided on Kohler for the tub, sink and toilet since we really like the boxy, straight lines.  If you're going to remodel, don't go for the cheapest stuff. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to these things. I made the decision to go with Acrylic for this one. Cast iron is just too heavy for me to deal with and when properly installed, this thing is going to be solid. Setting this in a bed of 2" mortar is key and a step that is frequently overlooked. If your tub is creaking, now you know why.

Update**  Tub is in!

When I roughed in the plumbing, I anticipated putting in the same size tub but after doing some research, we decided on a Kohler soaking tub. This meant, I had to redo the plumbing to meet the standard for this one. Next stop, walls!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Window Installation Part 2!

(Updated picture. All painted up, wall is repaired and waiting to dry)

So.. my window supplier calls me and apparently the company that makes the windows are having a glass shortage. They suggested a slightly more expensive window that they would give me at the same cost but it required me to remove the one I originally installed. This one has the grill installed between the panes and actually matches the others in the house. I originally replaced it with the same style window but it's better to have all of the windows match! I agreed and finished installing all three. The new molding, sill and apron are finished up and I have to prime and paint it. Thankfully, someone of the wood was pre primed so this shouldn't take long. I still have to repair the wall around the trim to have a cleaner look but that isn't very exciting. On a side note, I accidentally bought the wrong caulking and I didn't realize it until I was finished. You can NOT paint silicone and unfortunately I saw the tube as I was finishing up... Luckily you can sand it slightly and/or go over it with paintable caulking and it should be fine. Lesson learned, read the tube before using.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Window installation

I accidentally broke a window in the house and needed to change it and all of the others in the room. Sadly, the local supplier was out of the other windows that I needed and I was only able to install one today. Here are a few pics from the progress. I left out a lot of steps but you can see the improvement. As soon as I finish the one next to it, I'll redo the trim and finish it up.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Workshop build

So we have an extra room in the basement that was cluttered with everything from kids toys, shoes, mattresses and tools. I really wanted a dedicated space for the projects that I do around the house. I cleared the room out, built a simple work bench and organized my tools.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Patio Door replacement time

As a home owner, you know the amount of projects you need to complete each weekend. Once you finish one job, another one pops into its place. I feel like its a never ending process but I really enjoy the time I get to do it. Here is the next job that I just finished up. I replaced my old, not so energy efficient patio doors with newer ones. They aren't the best doors in the world but they will definitely keep the heat in this winter. I really wanted to have the blinds in the glass but was out voted by the wife. She wanted very simple doors, without inserts or blinds. Here is the process.

-The old doors.

-Removed them to discover water damage on the casing. I removed, replaced and flashed the opening to prevent water from destroying the new frame.

-New door in place

-New molding installed

-Prepping for prime and paint.